Curriculum Goals Preschool


Motor: Establish correct use of writing tools and scissors; manipulation of small objects; and hand-eye coordination. Opportunity for movement activates are provided through the use of SPARKS (physical activity curriculum).

Language: Expressing and understanding ideas through communication.

Science/Math: Children participate in science experiments, and sensory/tactile exploration. Children use one-on-one correspondence and identify written numbers.

Creativity: Children express creativity through imaginative thinking, playing, artwork, and music.

Social/Self-Help: Encouraged to initiate and play cooperatively with others, resolve conflicts, listen, and follow directions.


                   4-year old                                Summer care                 


Starting in the school year 2022-23. 

Plymouth will no longer be providing 4K or wraparound care. We will still be offering care to families enrolled for no school days and in our summer program.

Creates play-based experiences that are explored though themed activities according to children's interest and abilities.

Physical activity is offered through the use of yoga, SPARKS (physical activity curriculum), music and outdoor play.